This is Fenrir from my senior project about Scandinavian folklore. I really love how this one turned out. I will be posting my other illustrations soon or your can check my website!

Progress! Just another WIP shot to ya’ll busy. 

Senior project sneak peak! Almost done… with my first illustration haha.

I had to draw a gross version of myself for class. I have really bad vision so a bat is very fitting for me!

A quick self portrait as a break from drawing haha.

Here something from the end of last year. It’s a weird futuristic city! I wanted to make something similar to my Time Traveler piece. I also tried to speed up my process a bit.

Spot illustrations of Southern Food! For a class assignment. I plan to make more and put them all in a poster so expect that soon. Crawfish, iced tea, collards, and fried chicken, what else do you need?

I can’t tell if they’re helping or haunting me.

Just a small doodle, carry on!

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Four images from a book I made about the fear of dying. I might post pictures of the book, that good luck image is actually printed black on black.

The last final, so many more things to do ahhhh!